Macrame Candy Cane

Let's tie up something sweet!

Take time to familiarize yourself with the Crown Knot; use these illustrated instructions as a tool while macrame-making along with the full video tutorial at bottom of this page. While working, feel free to untie, redo, rewind, play some holiday tunes, and most importantly have fun!


Crown Knot
This knot looks intimidating, but once you watch the video and practice a few times, it’s actually very easy to pick up and you might remember making these on the school bus with those lil plastic cords and you’d see them on everyone’s backpacks and keys chains…. (anyone else have fond memories of exchanging DIYs with your pals as a kid?)
Now let’s get KNOT-ty!! Follow along to the video tutorial below and make sure to read the subtitled instructions for helpful tips along the way!